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Salt & Light Before and After School Program is a ministry of LifeSong Christian Church. It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, Christian environment for children who need before and after school care in the Elk Neck Elementary and North East Middle School districts.  We accept children from kinder - garten through eighth grade.  We have been providing families a trusted, nurturing environment for over eight years.  Salt & Light offers snacks, games, indoor play, outdoor play, homework help (Grades 1-8), morning Bible devotions, Wednesday Bible lessons, and mission projects (local and foreign).  We also offer daily activities that foster creativity, imagination, social development and team work.                    For more information please contact our Program Coordinator, Liz Engelberth.                      Cell: 443-941-7602   Email: prayzeb2god@aol.com   Church: 410-392-8083